Deliver a first class service for our customers

Compak Ramps' experienced aftersales team use old school customer service techniques, combined with modern software and tracking systems, to ensure our customers' needs are consistently met

Compak Ramps have a great understanding of the supply of parts and the need to deliver a first class service to our customers.

Truck Align London Ltd and Compak Ramps can combine added value in several ways.

  • Use our design team to assist the integration of ramps into customers' new products during their development
  • Work on-site in conjunction with our aftermarket team to assist with any remedial work programmes - something that has been done previously with little or no cost being passed on.
  • Compak Ramps can provide a member of it's own team to offer regular support on production lines at customers' facilities. This would reduce the time to resolve any non-conformance that would normally slow production.
  • To achieve this, a Compak engineer would be on site with alternate days agreed at each site - and with the added ability to attend the site within 24hrs of a call.

Our coverage and ambition

We offer a full range of genuine Compak parts to repair, service and maintain ramps worldwide.

Our products are operating world wide in a variety of environments, and the knowledge acquired from monitoring them ensures we can provide the appropriate product to meet the challenges of each specific market.

Our dedicated sales and design team work seamlessly together to provide the most beneficial end user experience while keeping the operators needs at the forefront of ramp design.

Our ideal situation would be to partner up with an OEM long term, with the potential of giving total exclusivity on products and designs. The OEM specifics would be core to the design brief with open book pricing.

Collaboration with an OEM to design a bespoke product with open book pricing is a key objective, ultimately culminating in the installation of the product or products online with OEM branding.

Compak believes communication should be at the heart of any relationship. Regular visits to customer premises and return visits to our facilities by the customer encourage continuity and the ability to share ideas.



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